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Service and Parts
Service and parts for all Benmar Course Setter, Course Keeper, and Compu-Course autopilots are available at the Benmar factory in Idyllwild, California.  Many replacement parts for older Model 14 and 16 series autopilots are available.  Call for parts availability.

When sending an autopilot for repair, it is always best to send all components of the autopilot system.

Service Cost
Cost for most service is $150.00 plus parts and shipping cost.  Generally, if the cost to repair is less than $300.00, we will go ahead and repair the unit.  If the cost will exceed $300.00, an estimate must be approved before the repair is completed.

Where To Send Units For Repair
                    Benmar Marine
                    25510 Foster Lake Rd.
                    PO Box 4007
                    Idyllwild, CA 992549-4007
                     Phone: (951) 659-8510
                    Fax: (951) 659-8576

Place a note inside the box describing the problem.  Provide a return address and a daytime phone number.

We accept Visa and MasterCard.